Christian Falkensteiner's Matchbox Lesney Regular (Post-1970) Pictures


This section deals with Matchbox 1-75 Miniatures fitted with regular wheels which had originated before 1970 but were still made after 1970, but only those variations which feature the "Lesney" name on their baseplates.

(Some original regular wheel models remained in the basic range until 1973, and some were later re-introduced for the twinpack range from 1976 onward. The last of those survived until 1984 and still continued on thereafter but without the "Lesney" name cast.)

LR16d/LR16d-19bxG.jpg LR 16-D CASE TRACTOR Bulldozer updated 2012-11-03

LR39c/LR39c-19bbxG.jpg LR 39-C FORD TRACTOR updated 2013-11-02

LR40c/LR40c-17bxG.jpg LR 40-C HAY TRAILER updated 2013-11-02

LR61b/LR61b-11bxG.jpg LR 61-B ALVIS STALWART updated 2010-09-29

LR65c/LR65c-02bxG.jpg LR 65-C CLAAS COMBINE HARVESTER updated 2012-11-03